Our main server hardware!
These are our main server specs!

Server specs, France server location! this machine runs main BTTDM teamspeak server, 3d,3e,3x,3z,3.7, cod, cnr, freeroam gaming servers hosted on this machine. this is a totally dedicated machine, meaning it is OURs, all dedicated to US. Many SAMP server hosters use a "third party hoster" but I do my stuff on my own, I dont deal with the middleman anymore after almost a decade of running samp servers. The middleman is basically alot of samp hosters, overload the machine with 200 samp servers while charge alot of money for your samp server. As I said, we run our own private server, and has capacity to run 42 samp servers if I wanted, but i dont like to overload, to put it in simpler words, we have been blessed in our hardware, we have the computing power to run more than your human imagination can handle! :

We are serious about computer hardware!!

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